Tadoba Tiger Reserve
Ramoji Film City

The trip extends over 3 states (Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka) covering approximately 2,800 km. It is a tour into the glorious ancient past of Indian art – the carvings and paintings in Ellora, Ajanta, and Badami. The archeological site of the ruined city of Hampi, built as the capital of Vijayanagar kingdom in 1AD, gives you insight into the ancient Indian architecture. At the same time the modern art of filmmaking can be experienced in Ramoji Film city near Hyderabad. You won’t miss the opportunity to meet the famous Royal Bengal tiger in the deep jungles of Tadoba Tiger Reserve and relax on the beautiful beaches of Goa.

Duration: 15 days/ 14 nights

Day 1:
Arrive in Mumbai, Depart to Pune

Day 2:
• Local sightseeing of Pune,
• Chokhi dhani (Marathi tadka (traditional Rajasthani / Maharashtrian fair)

Day 3:
• Depart to Ellora, Daulatabad fort on route

Day 4:
• Visit to Ellora caves

Day 5:
• One day – Ajanta trip
Depart to Tadoba (overnight journey of 9 hrs.)

Day 6:
Arrive at Tadoba
Afternoon safari / Jungle walk

Day 7:
Tiger trail Safari
Depart to Hyderabad

Day 8:
Arrive in Hyderabad
Visit to Ramoji film city

Day 9:
Hyderabad sightseeing (Salarjung and Sudhakar museum, Charminar,
Birla temple, Bazar
Depart to Hampi

Day 10:
Arrive to Hampi
Hampi sightseeing

Day 11:
Visit to Badami caves
Depart to Goa

Day 12:
GOA Palolem beach

Day 13:
Visit to Cotigao sanctuary

Day 14:
Trip to old Goa and Panaji
Depart to Mumbai

Day 15:
Back home with sweet memories