Zsolnay Festival

20th of May – 21st of May 2016

The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter steady supply of many colorful events during the year complete, we call this weekend at the half of our audience who require artistic movements of the characters who accept with joy and interest in Pécs, local and foreign artists works best.
Our programs are intensely react the only constant seems circumstance change. In these two days we focus a little-known, but the more unique and more valuable circus, theater and musical performances, which are left out most of the domestic ever-narrowing range of music festivals.


In addition to the multi-arts adventures star performers in many specialties we prepared well, but he also observed that the artistic productions accommodate not require prior training, just curiosity, openness to again, for beauty, value places.


The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter beautiful spaces to life at night, the previous festivals have been introduced himself next to Pecs photo light painting masters teams from other cities in the country and this will help with special light’s installation is planned for the occasion.


We wish you a meaningful, yet joyful, exciting fun!


Next by our Festival we reccomand to you our most famous Museum to visit. 
The factory was founded in 1853 by Miklós Zsolnay in Pécs merchant, son of Ignatius of it.


The few people will still operating in a small manufactory in 1865 , he took over Vilmos Zsolnay , who is developing the technology and material experiments dealt with in the early years . First success of the World Expo 1873 in Vienna reach .


At the 1878 Paris World’s Fair was a Zsolnay Vilmos for international success. The ‘re protected invention of the magastüzű glaze decorated porcelánfajansszal won the gold medal at the exhibition and the French government to honor the order .
The economic fundamentals of the factory since the late 1890s, architectural ceramics , stove tiles and slabs, industrial porcelain , and later secured the production of sanitary ware . Today it operates Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory .