International Festival of Ghosts and Spirits

 Late April and Early May 2016

In 2016 it was already 23 times Ghost Festival usually held in the spring in late April and early May will be held in two extended weekends .


Romantic, fairy-tale castle Picturesque, romantic style throughout the Bojnice castle on top of the most popular and most spectacular Highland castle hill surrounded by the ancient park. A little more than a century old building in excellent condition in several international film shooting location, and Spirit-hosts fabulous castle ghost festival. The park and the children’s delight, the zoo is located, thereby making the region extremely attractive for targeting tourists.


The history of the castle The original castle has stood the Hungarian conquest is, according to legend a robber baron called Bojnik was built. Letter from the Zobor abbey in the first written record of the existence of the castle 1113. Originally Favaro and Kovar Casimir bailiff descendants built over. The mészkőtufa strength is built on a hill fell into the hands of Matthew Csak possession of the king, the king again later, and Matthias son, John Corvin was. They committed a failed assassination attempt against John Corvin here. In 1527 the family took possession of the powerful Thurzó, who at the time was transformed into a Gothic castle Renaissance style. In 1637 the family acquired the Palffy castle. The Turks besieged on two occasions, but were unable to take. The castle was 3 million gold crowns Count John Palffy turned it into a cost Joseph Huber architect from 1889 to 1910 in the French Loire valley chateaux along the lines of the building can still be seen in romantic style.
The count did not live to see the completion of his dream castle in 1909, he died in Vienna bachelor. High-value works of art collected in the Pálffys, and the count even before his death, ruled that the collection, respectively. the castle show it from time to time to the public. Between the two world wars was the famous Bata shoe factory owner also owns the castle. II. After World War II became state property, museum and event filled a central role.


The offering stunning 365-stop romantic castle impression of the palace chapel, and part and also enhance the graceful towers. The original old form of irregular polygon, these rises out of the new five-story castle, which had 100 rooms. The rather complicated, sokfolyosós, large and small tower with várudvarokkal articulated and decorated with original furnishings of the castle halls is largely seen, artistic wood finishes, valuable paintings and furniture. A noble life and housing culture, traditions and presentation of medieval weapons next to the relics of European art can make on public display.
The collection is a unique piece of pentagonal tower building of the castle guarded Nardo di Firenze Ortagna called Zion. Bojnice altar c. XIV operations. the middle of the century. One of the most beautiful restaurant called The Castle. Gold Lounge with a gilded angel’s face adorns the ceiling of 183. The chapel was built in 1662, the ceiling of the beautiful early Baroque frescoes and stucco decorate. The Blue Saloon walls of the Hungarian kings figures are shown, the Palffy on the ceiling, and the family coat of arms of King Matthias Thurzó observed. At the end of the guided tour is still a natural cave under the castle and look down our noses Count John Palffy show is impressive tomb.


The most famous and most visited events in Europe and the Spooky Spirit- famous International Festival, when the castle and the town is occupied by ghosts , and a variety of frightening creatures . If you are not specifically interested in the festival , from a distance to avoid the area, such as the city is practically overflows from visitors , the castle only to get into a lengthy sorállással .

Park and Zoo

The castle is surrounded by ancient forest is oldest trees in Slovakia , the 700 -year-old King Matthias linden tree , which is known as linden Matthew Csak , since 1301, was reportedly personally planted the notorious oligarchs . According to the legend of King Matthias Bajmócért fans like to spent your lunch under the huge tree foliage Huston tax .
Near the castle can be visited zoo in the country ‘s oldest and one of the largest zoo with native species of exotic animals can be seen in it. Bajmóc known spa has ( Kúpele Bojnice – ) .