Buda Castle Wine Festival (2016)

7th – 11th September 2016 (Budapest, Hungary)

Taste of Hungary

Hungary flavors


The Budapest International Wine Festival has issued more than 200 wineries all its place in the country and covers almost all szőlőfajtánkat . In this sometimes bewildering diversity of supply we want to give clues .


The most typical Hungarian wine culture grape varieties and wine -selection and recommendation of brands primarily lesser-known wine culture in our country’s foreign visitors offer guidance . We are dedicated to wine and other specialties of Hungarian wine grape variety produced more hungaricum guests are able to taste during the festival .





Discover ” Hungary flavors ” tasting grapes and thematic routes developed through our leading borfajtáinkon !






Just like the other big festivals , the Budapest International Wine Festival is getting more and more into the foreground gastronomy. A crowd of more and more public attention to the assortment of novelties , as well as locally produced fresh food. With this in mind we choose together the culinary Exhibitors and compile the Wine Festival offerings.



Harvest Parade



Harvest, joy , whirling skirts, boots and clicking on the feast seven countries. Everyone in town knows that the Castle szőlődűlőitől few steps from the royal palace maintain high vigadalom will be the 7th of the month. Music , dance, fun and carefree , celebrated for seven countries.





Costume, folk music , dance, diversity of patterns related to grape picking harvest parade and folk music and dance Galan busy presented to our audience . Each parade of vintage wine-growing salute our ancestors . The procession is a superior wine-growing regions , traditionalist , borrendjeink- , wine lover egyesületeink- and folk dance groups made ​​up of members representing the wine regions .