What is Vindiatours?
It is a platform for adventurous souls old and young alike. We operate in India and Central Europe, the two parts of the world rarely connected culturally, politically and also by the way of tourism.

What does it do?
Vindiatours gives the opportunity to explore the treasures of Eastern and Central Europe –  the perfect virgin beaches of Croatia and Slovenia, the great historical cities of Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, the nature at its best in high Tatra mountains in Slovakia, the wineries of Hungary which produce some of the best wines in the world- and much much more…

What about India?
A lot, in fact more than enough has been said and sung about this spiritual capital of the world. It may seem that there is nothing new to be explored about India now, when she has been visited by millions of people all over the world since the history of tourism began. And still the enigma persists, in India one gets to explore exactly that that he or she is supposed to.

Is it difficult to get to these countries?
Getting visas and making travel arrangements is the least problem for you, leave that to us. Central Europe and most of the East European countries belong to Schengen area enabling the traveller to move freely across the borders with only one visa reducing the ultimate expenses and hassles of travelling. Travelling to India is also very easy owing to the tourism encouraging policies of Indian Government.

How to deal with so many different languages in just one trip?
Yes, India has around 22 major languages and thousands of dialects and each country in Central Europe is proud of its own language. We have tour guides who speak fluent English,  Slovak, Czech, German, Hungarian.