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Slovakian – Hungarian Spas tour 24.04.2016 – 29.04.2016 1 Day – England – Slovakia 08.00 Departure Manchester 11.30 Arrival Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. 12.30 Lunch at traditional restaurant with wine tasting 14.30 Sightseeing Bratislava Bratislava Castle (Is the main castle of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The massive rectangular building with four corner towers stands on […]

Budapest Spring Festival 8.-24. April 2016.  Spring Festival 2016 offers between April 8 and 24 locations in genres and also a variety of programs . The 36th Budapest Spring Festival colorful multi-arts studio belong welcomes visitors: classical music, opera, jazz and pop music, pop, world music, dance, theater and visual arts program is part of […]

International Festival of Ghosts and Spirits  Late April and Early May 2016 In 2016 it was already 23 times Ghost Festival usually held in the spring in late April and early May will be held in two extended weekends . Romantic, fairy-tale castle Picturesque, romantic style throughout the Bojnice castle on top of the most […]

Zsolnay Festival 20th of May – 21st of May 2016 The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter steady supply of many colorful events during the year complete, we call this weekend at the half of our audience who require artistic movements of the characters who accept with joy and interest in Pécs, local and foreign artists works best. […]

Zvolen Castle Games (2016) June   The Zvolen Castle Games are a unique event for all theater enthusiasts.   In Slovakia’s oldest open-air theater festival of their aspirations. Every year in the courtyard of Zvolen Castle will be held, and domestic and foreign theaters offering the best performances. The Jozef Gregor Tajovský Theatre has been […]

Coronation celebrations in Bratislava (2016) June Coronation City Imagine being the organizer for really major event – the King of Hungary’s coronation. For years it had been held in Esztergom, Hungary. But in 1563 when it was time to crown Maximilian as the new Hungarian king, Etzergom was under the control of Hungary’s bitter enemy, […]

The Budapest Wagner Days  16th of June – 26th of June 2016   The Budapest Wagner Days of ten series of events behind the Palace of Arts impressive balance may result in : personal , unique endowments stage Wagner directed all the classic music drama.         In 2016 again shown to the […]

Open-Air Festival in Szeged (2016) 1st of July – 27th of August 2016 The programme for the 2016 Szeged Open-air Festival is set! The Flying Dutchman, Dracula’s Last Dance, Me and my Little Brother, Mamma Mia!, Les Misérables, Singin’ in the Rain, Comedy of Errors: these are the productions that the Szeged Open-air Festival has […]

Buda Castle Wine Festival (2016) 7th – 11th September 2016 (Budapest, Hungary) Taste of Hungary Hungary flavors   The Budapest International Wine Festival has issued more than 200 wineries all its place in the country and covers almost all szőlőfajtánkat . In this sometimes bewildering diversity of supply we want to give clues .   […]

Simon- Juda Market Sturovo (2016) 6th of October – 9th of October in 2016 In 1724 the settlement was promoted to town status with the rights to hold markets. King Charles IV awarded the town market rights and the most significant was the Simon – Juda market, held on the days of St. Simon and […]

Vindia Tours recently supported a unique cultural event Tricolours- showcasing Art, Culture and Trade of Slovakia and India in Pune. This 3-day art exhibition was held in Pune on 1-3 March at New Art Gallery.  Being the first of its kind, this event was dedicated to promote Slovak Culture, Trade and Tourism in India. Puneites […]

Named after the famous writer and the hunter of man-eater tigers Jim Corbett (one may as well call him the “Sherlock Holmes of the jungle”), this oldest national park in India is a haven to wild animals including the endangered Bengal tigers. It is the only national park where government offers forest lodges in the […]

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